Business Insurance Services

John Crane can have you covered. Call or Email us today to start the conversation.


Real Estate Investors

We insure Real Estate Investors (Landlords) to protect them with their investment properties. Investment properties are a wonderful way to make extra money. But you need to be confident that you're properly covered. Call us today to start the discussion.

Some examples are:

Residential Property Owners

1, 2, 3 or 4 Family occupied units

 Single Family Dwellings

Commercial Property Owners

We insure Commercial Property Owners to protect them with their commercial properties. Call us today to start the conversation.

Some examples are:

Strip Malls

Office complexes

Mercantile/office/restaurant first floor with Apartments above

Apartment Building Owners

Vacant Properties Under Renovation


We insure Handyman Contractors to protect them and their work. We insure everything except for stand alone roofing contractors. At John Crane Insurance Agency, WE can get you covered.

Some examples are:






Service Industry

Pizza Shops

From a piece of pizza to peace of mind. Deal with an agent who has a proven track record of working with pizza shop owners. Do you deliver? Are you protected if your driver has an accident? Is your driver protected by your insurance?

Bars and Taverns

The bar business can be very exciting and very dangerous. Beer, wine, liquor and driving- a dangerous combination. Who has you covered?


Restaurants are a great place for people to get together with friends, family and work colleagues. But just like bars and taverns, you face a challenge. You want people to have fun and enjoy themselves; just not too much fun. What if someone gets sick from your food, or slips on your floor? Are you covered? Do you offer BYOB? Does your current insurance properly cover you?

Professional Offices


Doctors have stressful jobs. Their insurance coverage should be worry free.


Lawyers have to protect their clients. But who is going to protect them? We are here to ensure they are fully protected.


Engineers have to carefully piece together structures that are safe for our every day use. We make sure they stay safe while they keep the rest of us safe. 

We Handle Things

So You Don't Have To

The common thread among all our clients is that they are the owners of the small business, and they actively work in their business. They don’t sit in an office and manage people. They get their hands dirty (so to speak) every day.  They are busy people. And they need an insurance agent who can take the hassle out of getting certificates of insurance; keeping up with their billing; assisting with year end audits for payroll and sales.  That's who we are.

Feel Safe

We have over 81 years of insurance experience and treat all of customers like family. 

Always Available

Always available online when you need us. Just visit our site if you ever have a problem. 

Trust Comes Free

Know that you are always in good hands and your information is always safe. 

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